Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Spice Home's Tiled Conservatory Roof Systems are lightweight, durable and fully-insulated with a range of colour, lighting and finish options to transform your existing conservatory into a living space you can enjoy in comfort throughout the year.

A revolution within the conservatory industry, our tiled conservatory roof systems allow you to fall in love with your conservatory again!

Tiled Conservatory Roof Section - SUPALITE PLUSInstalled as a "retro fit" onto your existing conservatory windows with the minimum of disturbance to the main structure of your conservatory, we have a solution for every conservatory roof design and configuration that fully complies with Building Regulations. Our lightweight aluminium frame roof systems are strong enough to withstand heavy snowfall and strong winds

We work with you to design a tailored solution that blends aesthetically with your property and your lifestyle...

Guarantee, Warranty & Ultimate Choice

Spice Home Improvements offer a solid Guarantee & Warranty on our Craftmanship and on our Products - offering you the widest range of high quality products, materials and accessories to choose from. Ask us about our:

25 Year Guarantee on Conservatory Roof Tiles or Slates
10 Year Guarantee on our Conservatory Roof Frames

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And you can choose to further enhance your roof from a range of design options:

Choice of Tile & Slate Colours to Compliment Your Home

Both Slate & Tile Roof options are UV Resistant, retaining their colour under sunlight for many years. Fire-Resistant & Wind-Resistant, either option has a 25 Year Manufacturers' Warranty and has an average life expectancy of over 50 years.

conservatory roof slates - stone black conservatory roof slates steel grey conservatory roof slate chestnut brown conservatory roof slates brick red conservatory roof slates red rock conservatory roof slates plum
Stone Black
Steel Grey
Brown Slate
Brick Red
Red Rock
conservatory roof tiles ember 200 conservatory roof tiles walnut 200  conservatory roof tiles charcoal 200
 Ember Roof Tiles Walnut Roof Tiles  Charcoal Roof Tiles

Range of Roof Vents & Windows to Maximise Natural Light

Choose from a range of Roof Vents & Windows to maximise natural light and ventilate your revitalised conservatory. Safe, Secure & Practical, some of our roof windows also offer additional security measures, such as P2A Glazing that prevents glass removal and makes them more burglar-resistant.

conservatory roof windows 6 Conservatory Roof window & vent options Conservatory Roof window & vent options Conservatory Roof window & vent options

Choice of Internal Ceiling Finishes + Internal & External Lighting Options

internal conservatory roof wood finish ceiling Conservatory Roof window & vent options internal conservatory roof ceiling conservatory roof external lighting


Conservatory Roof Installation Videos

conservatory roof installation videoClick Here to Watch our Replacement Conservatory Roof Installation Videos...

Watch in-depth, step-by-step Videos showing the full installation process for your Replacement Conservatory Roof.

We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about any stage of the installation process.